Crutchfield Capital seeks to build successful companies in partnership with motivated, skilled leaders and managers. We seek to invest in businesses with the following characteristics:

  Financial criteria:
  • $1 million to $8 million in EBITDA (sweet spot $2M – $5M)
  • Companies with recurring revenue, high margins, and those that are positioned to capitalize on macro/demographic trends
  • We will consider investments in challenged or turn-around situations
  • Prefer a control position in our investments, but will consider non-control investments
  • Strong preference for investments in the Southeastern United States
  Transaction types include:
  • Management Buyouts – acquisition of companies where new managers skilled in specific areas play significant roles in business management
  • Corporate Divestitures – selling off or closing divisions or subsidiaries
  • Recapitalizations – reorganization of capital structures to meet a specific future goal
  • Growth Financing – infusion of capital for pursuit of new opportunities
  Industry focus:
  • Business Services
  • Consumer Services
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Franchisors/Franchises
  • Value-Added Distribution Businesses
  • Light Manufacturing