Crutchfield Capital is a closely held private investment firm that invests in small to mid-size companies in the Southeastern United States. We are first and foremost builders.  We seek to establish partnerships with strong management teams and others interested in building successful companies and rewarding careers for team members.

The Crutchfield Capital team has financial and operating experience in turn-around, mature and high growth situations. We are highly focused, hands-on investors and therefore maintain a relatively small number of investments in which we are active participants. We pride ourselves on an ability to move quickly and address circumstances that are out of the ordinary.

We are interested in partnering with experienced, talented individuals including existing management, new management or other investors. However, we are also willing to buy companies in their entirety and deal with a management transition or other fluid situation. We have management talent inside the organization and identified outside the organization to join a given team as needed.

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What Makes Crutchfield Capital Different?

  • Highly focused, hands-on approach to truly “build” value rather than simply invest
  • Operationally-focused, people-oriented approach to building business
  • Team-oriented investors who work with leaders and managers to develop success
  • Willingness to deal with a management transition or other fluid organizational situation
  • Long-term investment horizons – no pressure to return capital to outside investors
  • Ability and willingness to move quickly and address unusual circumstances